24 February 2011

Baltimore donderdagochtend.

Wij zijn 4 vrouwen die vol enthousiasme aan de Baltimore cursus zijn begonnen 4 weken geleden. Inmiddels zijn wij 4 technieken, en evenzoveel frustraties verder. Maar ons enthousiasme is onverminderd. Allemaal hebben we inmiddels een prachtig hart. We weten alles van lobjes, blaadjes en steeltjes. De kleuren maken ons zeer vrolijk. Wij genieten van de vaart op het ene moment om te werken aan onze baltimore en de rust tijdens het appliceren.

Marjan, Jacqueline, Hanny en Carlies.

20 February 2011

3D Style room at 'Creatieve Hobby en Handwerkdagen' in Den Bosch, NL

In Den Bosch, The Netherlands, at Friday 18 March till Sunday 20 March we are at the fair 'Creatieve Hobby en Handwerkdagen'.

At the moment we are sketching this fair spot of 3 x 10 meters. Ben and Kitty Strik will offer the interior materials to decorate a 3 dimensional style room with Kaffe Fassett quilts, knitwear and porcelain. Also two decorators Max and Marjorie Scheeper, will arrange the materials and create a beautiful view for the visitors of the fair. The 3D style room will be based on the video at http://www.kaffefassett.com/Biography.html and the Book Welcome Home Kaffe Fassett.

The picture at the right is taken at Walstraat 28 and 55 in Ben and Kitty's shop this weekend. The quilt at the pictures is the Chintz quilt from Quilts in de Bloementuin and is available as kit.

16 February 2011

QUIP-Day* at 18 June 2011

European-wide Quilting in Public Day also in Deventer in 2011 at 18 June.

Who will join us? We need some organization talents... you?

Free quilt fabric available from Quilt shop 100 Rozen...

The first 10 reactions will receive a Thank you in the form of a Kaffe Fassett Fat Quarter by post.

10 February 2011


And now I learned what LOL means and many other abbreviations.
L8R             Later
LOL            Laughing Out Loud
LOLLOL    Little Old Lady Laughing Out Loud
LSHISOTS Laughing So Hard, I Spit On The Screen

I recieved a full list from a quiltgroup in Brisbane. Many thanks ladies. If you want to receive the full list, please send an e-mail to jeltje@quiltshop100rozen.nl

06 February 2011

The second class on making the Kim McLean Baltimore

Thursday 10 February is the second class on making the Kim McLean Baltimore. We will start with the branches, leaves and flower applique of the first border.

Would you like to join and make this quilt too?
Send an e-mail to Jeltje@quiltshop100rozen.nl.
PS I had some trouble with getting the right colors on the picture. The picture above is scanned. That helped a lot.

JEMM dress Wagon Wheels

After doing a T-shirt dress for the first grand daughter, the second based on the Dolly quilt Wagon Wheels.

Maybe we can organize a workshop on how to transform a T-shirt to a dress?

05 February 2011

JEMM with A bird in the hand ..

Full of inspiration and with the Australian sun in my head, a girly dress is the result.
Now we need a girl of size 128 cm to get nicer pictures.

Feel inspired too? See here for the kit.
We have some T-shirts in the sizes 128, 140, 152, 164, 176 and the colors white, lime, violet and fuchsia.