07 July 2013

How to make the applique at the Tilda is here quilt

First cut the three paper templates.
Pin of stick with tape on thin filling.
We use a filling with glue at one side.
Cut the filling without seam allowance.
Lay the fabric with the backside up and put the filling above it with the sticky side up.

Fold the seam allowance over the filling and smelt the glue by ironing.

If you use filling without a sticky side: Use a Sewline glue pen or baste the seam allowance over the filling.

05 July 2013

Winner combination of July 4

Have a look at the winner combination of July 4th. All colors strengthening each other.

It is too busy here to do more than this bit of blogging, so hope you get inspired with this matching fabrics.

This is the list of fabric our customer asked for:

Helena French chambray fabric - Rouge
Lecien Antique Flower30451 20
Lecien Antique Flower30452 20
Penny Rose
Windham Quiltbacking 270 cm.